How to car repair

Welcome to how to car repair. This site tries to focus on delivering information and reviews about car products and car repair which can be done by yourself.

There are many websites about how to car repair and most of trying to sell overpriced products. If you find a product on this site then rest assured that it’s most of all it is a good quality and low price.

How to car repair background.

I personally own a Porsche 928 s4 build in 1988 and this almost 25 year old car requires a lot of maintenance to keep it in good shape. As you can imagine it is not cheap to go to a mechanic each time that something needs to be done. I own this car at this moment 6 years and I can say that I have saved a lot of money because I did many things myself while not risking car safety.

how to car repairThings I personally will not ever do and if you are not a professional mechanic then I suggest you also don’t do is try to fix or replace braking disks, braking oil etc. What I also do after replacing tires for example is go to a mechanic to balance them. This is cheap and improves the car’s performance and increases the durability of the tires.

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