Car maintenance schedule

For those who really want to keep their car in good shape, there is the need to put in place a good maintenance regime or schedule. Make sure that you are familiar with the cars required or recommended maintenance and upkeep. Also you should never ever forget on the maintenance of the car. Also remember the fact that the car is cheaper in its current state than a new one. What this means is that one should ensure that he gets the best of a car maintenance schedule.

All over the world people are trying to beat down costs when it comes to their homes and cars. When it comes to the cars, as much as possible you should go all out to keep it running all the time. You must always remember the fact that car payments are not always a necessity. You must do well to keep the car running and this would help to save a lot of money since a good car maintenance schedule is cheaper than going for a new one. Your vehicle would surely last longer than you even thought.

Check your car maintenance schedule regulary

A typical car maintenance schedule would normally have a check on the oil at least every 3 months or every 3000 miles whichever one you choose first. There is the need to rotate and balance the tires together with the battery check as you move every 6 months or 7,500 miles on the road. You have to recognize the fact that every two years or even 30,000 miles, there is the need to have the brake fluids and coolant flushed out. Moreover the breather element and the PCV must all be replaced. One must ensure that he finished up with the servicing of the brakes and the checking of the battery. This would ensure a complete fulfillment of your car maintenance schedule.

car maintenance scheduleThere should close attention o the fuel, air, transmission and carbon canister filter. You would have to ensure that the transmission is flushed to ensure the smooth running of the car every now and then. When it comes to the distributor cap, this should also be changed and replaced at least every two years. Also one should check on the spark plugs, rotor and wires which all need to be changed. There is also the need to change the transfer or differential case fluid to the ones that have been outlined above. With this kind of car maintenance schedule, your car would be running effectively throughout the year.

In order to have a very long maintenance for your car, there is the need to add some other car maintenance schedule activities every 5 years or 60,000 miles. Indeed these should be in conjunction with the normal or regular ones that are maintained yearly. They include the flushing and replacement of the power steering coupled with the changing of the timing belt. All of these would ensure that your car would be in top shape.