How To Change A Car Battery

Changing a car’s battery is the easiest thing to do and many people just go ahead and do it themselves. If you have been looking for information on how to change a car’s battery all by yourself, then you have come to the right place to learn about it.

How to change a car battery make and model :

Before you go ahead and change the car’s battery, you would have to make certain that you get a battery that is similar in make and model to the previous one that you have used or get one that is prescribed in your user’s manual. Even if your battery comes with a five year warranty, you will have to keep a track on the charge unless you wish to be stranded in a remote place.

How to change a car battery, removing the old battery

Once you have gotten the battery, you would have to pop the hood and secure it with the long lever that is in place. You would then have to use battery wrenches to remove the nuts from the battery. You would first have to concentrate upon the black cable which is the negative outlet from your battery. Once the nuts are out, you would then have to pull the negative terminal from the battery. In many cases, the terminal would not come off that very easily. Hence, to prevent any kind of a damage to your battery, it would be best if you could use a terminal puller that would be available in any auto parts shop or you can buy it online at for example Amazon.

change car batteryNow, do the same and remove the red cable from your battery. Once both the cables are out, you would then have to remove the clamp that holds the battery down. Next remove the battery from the socket using the handles. If there are no handles on the battery then hold the battery at the base and remove it.

How to change a car battery, clean it !

You would then have to use a cleaning solution to clean the battery cables and the terminal to ensure that any sediments or corrosion is removed. Next, you would have to place the new battery back in the socket and connect the terminals to the right end. Always make it a point to connect the black cable to the negative terminal and the red to the positive end of the battery. Before you fix the terminal, you would have to spray it with a solution that would prevent corrosion.

How to change a car battery, securing the battery :

Next secure the battery in place with the battery clamp and then secure the terminals to the battery with the nuts that have been provided. Once all of these are secure, you can then go ahead and start your car. If you car does not start once the battery has been changed, then there is a high possibility that one of the terminals is loose. Hence, make certain that the nuts are tightened well before you start your car.

Always remember, you have to replace an old battery with one that is new and one that is similar to the old one. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer of the car about the battery that would suit your car. Checking your car battery should always be part of your regular car maintenance . Hope this how to change a car battery was useful for you.